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About Us

Here at Pro Musician Lab, we love music with our hearts. So we enjoy reviewing different musical instruments for our visitors. Our main goal is the satisfaction of our visitors so that they get the best user experience. While inspecting the product we keenly examine the comfortability and the durability of the product.

Our team members love to play different types of musical instruments all the time. But there are some times where we hate to use some gears which don’t give us satisfaction.

Although not everyone’s taste in musical instruments is the same we try to point out every advantage and disadvantage of instruments to our visitors.

We keep our blog up to date. So whenever there is a new instrument in the market we input it in our blog immediately. That way our visitors get updated information about any new instrument.

Things to expect from us.

At Pro Musician Lab we review various types of musical instruments and gears for people who love music and are looking to purchase some musical instruments but couldn’t understand which item to buy. So, we look through a lot of products and come up with the best ones.

We do not prioritize any brands, so you can get all kinds of brand products here both international and local. We also make sure that the products are of high quality and will serve the user’s satisfaction fully.

Our Product Choosing Method.

Our product choosing method is very exceptional from other reviewing websites. We do not buy all of the products available to us. Because its both time consuming and expensive. And because of that first, we research online and find out the best instruments suggested by most people. then we make a shortlist about those products. We also take some interviews from some previous users of some products.

After all the research if the instrument or gear matches our interest we make a shortlist and buy them. Then we do our experiments with those products and write down the features, benefits of the advantages and disadvantages of those products.

The Testing Process.

Some instruments have a lot of unnecessary features that don’t have any effect on improving user experience. So it’s quite hard sometimes to know which instrument is the right one for you. So we have prepared a product review guide to make it simple.

Here are some key points that we note during our experiment on an individual instrument.

  • Sound quality.
  • Durability.
  • Performance.
  • Price.
  • Users Acceptance.
  • Building material

Although we take all these steps to review an instrument some instruments do contain some additional features which need to be added in the review. So we take them in our consideration and put it in our review and rank the product correctly.

Do we prefer any individual brand?

It’s a clear no. because we do not prefer any individual brand. We review both established and non established brands. We are not sponsored by any brands, Our main focus is on the quality and user acceptance of the product. We provide all kinds of information from all kinds of brands so that our viewers can the get all the information before buying any products.

Meet our team.

We are a team of a total of five members. each of the team members plays a significant role to make our website running. We do have plans to expand our team in the future.

Joseph Deaver

Joseph Deaver is the founder, researcher, and chief editor of our team. He is also a musician. He has been working with music for more than 20 years.

Joseph is someone who loves to spread the joy of music. It was his idea to build a site where people get information about different musical instruments so that they can buy them without any hesitation. Joseph wants to help music to spread everywhere.

He works very hard to improve our website. And tries his best to provide our visitors with the best information we can collect.

Victor Hammond

Victor Hammond is an editor in our team. He also loves to play different musical instruments. Especially guitars. He always carries a guitar with him Whenever he is not working.

Victor is a very friendly guy. He always talks in a poetic gesture and he loves to sing.and the most important thing is that he is very good at his job .he is very professional .he always knows what is best for the viewers.

Justin Hairston

Justin Hairston is the writer on the team. He is a young boy of 27 years old who loves to work with music. Although he is young his passion and knowledge about music and musical instruments are vast.

He knows a lot about different musical instruments. So he can easily write about the advantages and disadvantages of different musical instruments. Which makes him a huge icon for our team. He always delivers to our expectations and provides us with the best reviews.

Matt Upshaw

Matt Upshaw is the content marketer of our team. He is also fond of music very much. He has worked alongside many musicians throughout many years. He is a well-respected man in our industry.

Matt is also very good at his work sector. He knows how to and where to buy different musical instruments and gears for our experiments for review. He has helped us to track down many distinct musical instruments which are very hard to find sometimes.

Patrick Cooper

Patrick Cooper is the web developer of our team. He is also the best friend of Justin. This 27-year-old boy also has a lot of passion for music. But he also has an interest in technology too. He helps us by making our website look more beautiful and very user friendly.

Patrick is easy with technology so he builds beautiful websites where we can post our blogs to show them to our viewers. He also makes the websites fast to load, more informative, and easy to understand. He also plays a key role in our team.

All five of our team members play an important role in growing our website. We all take pride in each of our work. And help each other whenever there is a problem.

Is it safe using our site?

Of course. We know that everyone has their privacy. and it is safe to use our website. Although we do show some ads on our website. But it will not cause any hamper in your privacy or data security. To be more precise you can visit our privacy policy page to understand.

So, please enjoy our website