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How to Attach a Guitar Strap to a Classical Guitar

How to Attach a Guitar Strap to a Classical GuitarHave you ever found yourself scrolling the internet for hours just to look for a guide on how to attach a guitar strap to a classical guitar?

You would’ve thought it would be easier now because of the technology, but the more content to find online, the more noise you’d very much want to ignore.

Thankfully, we made you here a simplified, almost a no-brainer guide on how to attach a guitar strap with no hassle, tools or drill supplement. All you need is a little time in your hands to finish off this guide below.

No worries. This shall just take a minute or two.


First Method: Classical Strap

Close-up of male hands typing on laptop keyboardSearch Online: The first method to putting on a guitar strap is by using a strap made specifically for classical guitars. Simply type “acoustic guitar straps” on your favorite online commerce platform or websites of guitar companies, and you’ll be halfway there.

Comfort and Thickness: When you’re buying a guitar sling from a physical store, get the store attendant to help you attach the strap around your neck. Make sure it is as comfortable as you want it to be, with the right thickness so the strap doesn’t break on you.

If it’s an online store you’re buying from, find the one with a simplified guide on how to put a strap on a classical guitar. That way, you’re easily going to attach it without wasting time looking for the hooks and whatnot.

Strap LoopAttach The Strap Loop: The next step would be to attach the loop of the classic guitar strap around your neck, joining the guitar’s center to make a single strap.

You just need to adjust the strap portion around your neck to suit your taste, making sure it lays flat, and it doesn’t bend out. Just also make sure that the guitar strap tie doesn’t dig into your skin.

The tighter your strap loop sticks to your body, the better it is for you to hold the guitar even if you move a round too much when playing.

Second Method: Large Suction Cup Hooks

Measure the guitar body’s full length: Before using the large suction cup hooks you purchased online, make Acoustic guitarist is holding the guitar. and playing guitar concepts of hobbiessure first you get the length size of your guitar’s body measured from the top to the bottom.

The suction cups you buy for attaching a guitar strap must be slightly smaller than the spaces of the guitar body to create the strongest seal, and they must also come with hooks that can fit the top and bottom of your guitar.

The hooks are where you’ll attach the guitar straps.

Clean the power lock suction cups: By cleaning your suction cups, you lessen the chances that the strap will break away from you, exposing your guitar to a damaging fall.

To ensure this, wash the suction cups with soapy, warm water before completely drying them off. Make sure you clean off the inner cavities where the suction cup creates its suction, strong-grip force.

You may even apply a guitar-specific oil onto the guitar surface first before you apply the suction cups to make the grip even tighter and stable.

Attach the suction cups for the straps: You need to tilt the suction cup’s hook in a slightly bent angle so that it creates a more powerful suction force. Be sure also to position the pointed end of the suction cup parallel to the strap.

Doing so keeps the suction more secure and gives you more confidence in using the guitar without worrying about a fall.

Attach the straps: Finally, you can now attach the straps to the hooks, adjusting them well to suit the length of your torso.

If you feel like the suction force may weaken after prolonged use, you can double the holding force by keeping a hand on your guitar once in a while to avoid a sudden and terrifying fall.

For more detailed info on how to do this, refer to this video below:

So there you have it: you now know how to attach a guitar strap to a classical guitar.  Wasn’t that quick? Share this to your friends and family to make their day!

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